Understanding the Word of God is possible today.

The Bible doesn’t have to be confusing. We want to give you tools to dive into the scriptures and meet with the living God. 

The Bible can be confusing…  

We get it! There’s some crazy stuff in the Bible that at first glance doesn’t make a lot of sense. Understanding the context of who the scriptures were written to and what those people were going through can give us fresh perspective into what God is conveying to us today.

We believe that with the right tools, you can understand the story of the Bible, from beginning to end. 

Go deeper in your relationship with Jesus 


The Biblical Core Course (BCC) is a three-month school designed to equip you in understanding scripture, receiving revelation from God, and teaching others what you have learned.

In this school you will read through the entire Bible, learn how to study each literary genre, and be equipped to confidently share what you’ve learned with others. You will be taught and guided by staff to find the context of the scripture, gaining a more accurate understanding of what is being communicated.

We believe that the Bible is not a bunch of pieces put together, but it is one continuous story, all pointing to Jesus. We want to see you find understanding in this story! 

What does a week in BCC look like?

A good portion of your week in BCC will be spent doing independent study and assignments. You will have class lectures from speakers introducing you to the book you are studying each week. You will also meet with your grader each week to go over your assignments. We value community and take time to invest in not only studying the word of God, but building relationships through school hang out time and events. Worship and prayer are weekly foundations to our learning in the BCC.

Come prepared to work hard, be challenged, and have fun as you go deeper in your understanding of God! 

Upcoming Schools

  • April 8th, 2024 – June 27th, 2024
  • Sept 9th, 2024 – Dec 5th, 2024


Lecture Phase: $4,240
Optional Outreach: approximately $2000 + airfare and visa to outreach location


YWAM – DTS (Discipleship Training School & Field Assignment – IDS 701/702)


YWAM – CDTS (Crossroads Discipleship Training School – IDS 703/704)

*** All students will be required to have health insurance for the lecture phase and purchase travel insurance for the outreach phase of all schools. If a student does not have health coverage they must purchase a travel / health package for both the lecture and outreach phases of the school.  We recommend Talent Trust or similar.

Apply for your BCC!