Learn. Live. Lead

The Honolulu Bible Core Course exists to:

  • Teach students how to inductively study and love the Bible
  • Help students make personal and practical life changing applications
  • Equip students to lead others in the study and teaching of God’s word

The BCC is a 12 week program. Each week will include 10-12 hours of lecture from various Bible teachers, scholars and ministry leaders from both within YWAM and the greater body of Christ.

In addition to lecture, students can expect to be studying the Scripture on their own between 30-40 hours a week.

The course will move through the Bible chronologically, providing a comprehensive perspective of God’s redemptive plan throughout the whole of Scripture.

The culture, context and history of the Bible will be explored through various inductive study methods. Intercession, worship, collective Bible readings, workshops, field trips and community involvement are additionally all vital parts of the learning process.

These tools will help students effectively share what they are learning with others.

Our staff is committed to helping students process, apply, and share what they are learning.

Through this program we hope to encourage participants to become life-long students of the Bible and passionate stewards of God’s Word to the world.

The goal of the BCC is to equip our students to study God’s Word for themselves and then help equip others to do the same.  

After the students complete three months of intense study they have the opportunity to share with others the riches of God’s Word.  An optional eight to twelve week outreach is offered to all BCC students who want to practice what they have learned.  Most of our BCC outreaches go to Asia or the South Pacific and focus on teaching the Bible and inductive Bible study skills to new believers, churches, pastors, and anyone else wanting to grow in their knowledge of the Word.

Lecture Phase: $4,240
Optional Outreach: approximately $2000 + airfare and visa to outreach location

Upcoming Biblical Core Courses:

 – September 7 – December 4, 2020 

 – April 5 – July 2, 2021

YWAM – DTS (Discipleship Training School & Field Assignment – IDS 701/702)
YWAM – CDTS (Crossroads Discipleship Training School – IDS 703/704)

*** All students will be required to have health insurance for the lecture phase and purchase travel insurance for the outreach phase of all schools.  If a student does not have health coverage they must purchase a travel / health package for both the lecture and outreach phases of the school.  We recommend Talent Trust or similar.