Hi! My name is Susie Asprec and I am from the Philippines. Doing a DTS here in Honolulu has been quite the journey but God is good and has used this time to speak to me in incredible ways. During one of the first worship nights, as I was worshipping just down on my knees, God spoke to me and told me three truths that were always true for my life and will always be true. The first was that He loved me. The second was that He always loved me and the third was that He will never leave me. These truths may be obvious for some people but through all the struggles of my life, I always doubted God’s love for me and even blamed Him for leaving me to be in pain. As the worship evening continued, I questioned whether or not that was really God’s voice. But then I asked myself, would my mind say those things? Would I ever tell myself those things? (Being someone who is always thinking negatively about myself) It was an obvious no, so I thanked God for pouring His truth into me and I just sat amazed at how He was speaking to me. Then the most amazing thing happened, I went outside to look at the stars, to marvel at God’s handiwork. Ever since I was a child, there were always these three stars that stuck out to me but I never knew why. During that worship night I looked up and the first thing I saw was those three stars. It was such an eye opening moment to see how even as a child, God was preparing me for that moment. Reassuring His love for me with three truths and then looking up at the sky and seeing three stars that have always stood out to me. This is just one of the many things God had spoken to me about. Sometimes God is just that silent whisper but He is very real and absolutely incredible. 

Susie Asprec
January DTS Student