In the beginning of my DTS I said to God that I offer him my life completely and that he can do with it whatever he wants to. I allowed him to turn my whole world upside down. I just wanted to get to know him better and better. And believe me, you don’t have to say that twice to God. If you let him change your world, he will. The thing I’m most amazed of is how incredibly he uses me if I’m just obedient. I had troubles my whole life to believe that I’m a light in the world just the way I am. Everyone else is one but not me. Not if I am truly myself. God revealed this big lie to me. And I won’t believe it anymore.

It’s one of the most beautiful things when God uses me to lighten up the days of other people and to spread his love. And the more I’m obedient to him, the more he can use me. One situation that took place just a few days ago showed me that one more time.
The topic on this week was evangelism. Our speaker always gave us different challenges to overcome the fear of spreading the gospel. This one day the challenge was to get rejected from people three times. We should talk with them about God or the Gospel and then get rejected in some kind of way. The purpose of this was to not be afraid of rejection anymore but to embrace it. We should never allow fear to hold us back!
I decided with a few other people from my school to go to the marketplace to talk to some people. The beginning was really hard but it went easier and easier with every step. I just went straight up to strangers and asked them if there’s anything I could pray for. So it came that soon we had our three rejections and wanted to go back to our base. At this time it was only one student from my DTS, called Daye, left and me. We wanted to start walking back and in this very moment I started to feel this restlessness inside of me. I immediately knew that it was God talking to me. The work for Him and me here wasn’t done. God wanted me to talk to one more person. But I didn’t know who it was. So Daye and I were just awkwardly standing in front of a shop and looking around. Then all of the sudden I saw a guy sitting on stairs in front of me. I knew that it was him. So I asked God if he could give me a picture for him. Because if he could tell me this, he would for sure also give me the words I can say to him. But God was just silent. I stepped from one foot on the other and didn’t know what to do. Also Daye didn’t really understand what I was trying to do. Then I heard God one more time clearly telling me that I should go to this guy. I decided to be obedient and just do it, no matter if I have the words or not. The only thing I knew, was that God wanted me to take this one little step. So I went up to him and simply asked him if I could pray for something. He didn’t immediately open up but after I prayed for him I asked him what he thinks about God. He really started to talk to me about personal things and shared on which point he is in his life with God and that he’s not sure about if he wants to live his life with God. I talked to him for an hour and I could share the Gospel with him. He told me, that our whole conversation really helped and encouraged him. But he never hears God’s voice and there’s something holding him back from giving up his life. I told him that he should take a risk and try it with God. I really felt that there was just a little step from him necessary and he would be ready for a life with God. And during our conversation God also showed me how he never had a father and that’s why he has a wrong picture of God. He was surprised and told me that he really doesn’t even know his father.
I’m still praying for him and I know that this encounter I had with this man was in a way supernatural. God gave me the right words during our conversation and I recognized how God moved big things inside of his heart. I’m sure this conversation will stick to him and one day he will give his life to God. Who knows, maybe he already did it.

So this whole experience showed me how important it is to just do what God tells you to. And be open to him to speak to you even if you have the feeling that your work is done. Because that is when the greatest things happen!

– Jael Benz

January 2018 DTS