Hey there!
My name is Emmy and I’m on the India/Nepal outreach team for the September 2017 DTS. Before I came to my DTS I was already growing in my relationship with the Lord, but I could have never imagined the incredible things He would do in my life on this outreach. When we arrived in Nepal the culture shock was real! I could not believe the things I was seeing and that we would be in this place for a whole month. I prayed so much for God to give me His heart for Nepal and let me tell you, He went above and beyond when answering my prayers. I quickly began to fall head over heels for the Nepali people, culture, food, language, church, and let’s not forget the dogs. The ministry that we got to take part in was so amazing and getting to share the gospel with such beautiful souls was one of the best parts! Every time I was able to put a smile on a child’s face I honestly felt like I was putting a smile on my heavenly father’s face. A lot of what we did included slum ministry, house visits, church visits, children’s homes, and some hospital visits. It was all so unique and it gave the whole team amazing opportunities to share the gospel and build relationships with people from all different backgrounds. A lot of the girls on the team were able to create life long friendships with people they met during ministry time! The team and I were able to share testimonies and sermons at local churches which was such a great experience and a huge blessing for not only the church members but also us. I’ll never forget one homeless child I met at a temple. She was so cute and tiny and obviously didn’t understand a word I said but she fell asleep in my arms and I felt so peaceful just holding her. It brought tears to my eyes because in that moment I realized that I legitimately had a love for this child that I had just met and that my simple prayers for her could change her life forever. Our time in Nepal was truly life changing for us and I know that we will never forget it!

Currently we are in Southern India! The beauty of this place is overwhelming and I can see God’s work here so immensely. When we first arrived here I asked God to again give me His heart for this country. Immediately as I watched people walk by I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face knowing that God loves each and every one of them so much and that He sent me to share the good news with them! The beauty of each person is so mind blowing here! I’m so blessed to be able to build relationships with such amazing people with amazing stories. A lot of our ministry here includes open airs, house visits, leprosy colonies, and church preaching. Being able to perform powerful skits and preach the gospel has been so crazy cool! The amount of people that I’ve seen come to the Lord is astonishing! God has revealed so much to me here and I can feel Him working more and more every single day. I’ve never felt the power of God as much as I have here. The team is amazing, the contacts are amazing, the locations are amazing, the people are amazing! This outreach has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I will never forget all that God has done in our lives here and how much He has used us to impact such wonderful people. God is so good!

Emma Paich
September 2017 DTS Student