Since I arrived at DTS I feel I’ve learned more about God and myself than ever before. Strangers from all over the world have become family and living in a community became normal.

I have so many testimonies I could write of, but I want to share one where God really spoke to me

Every Tuesday night during lecture phase, we would go to Waikiki for evangelism to share the love of Jesus. We usually went in groups of 2 or 3 and make sure that those of us who don’t speak English as our first language are always together with someone who does. On that Tuesday, I ended up being in a group with someone who also didn’t speak english as their first language. Though she is a very good friend of mine, I was not too happy about it because I felt it was going to be difficult to have some deep conversations without someone speaking English as their first language. So I prayed that God would take away the insecurity and fears. After a good conversation with an old homeless guy, we sat down and prayed. We asked God for impressions, words or images that would show us who we should talk to. None of us had done that before but we wanted to try it. Right away I saw a picture of a yellow baseball cap without anything written on it, but it was gone as fast as it came, so I thought it was just my mind. I told my friend about it and we decided to keep our eyes open and see if we would find it.

We decided to walk back to the main strip. As we were, I looked back and saw a place with picnic tables and a lot of lights around it, and I felt we should go there. So we went back and while crossing the street we saw a man sitting on a picnic table, alone, and wearing the exact same yellow baseball cap I saw while praying. So we started talking to him and found out he was a professor of religions. He believed in different religions and denied that Jesus was the only way to God and heaven. We realized that he obviously didn’t want to consider that two 19 years old girls may know something he didn’t know, which is understandable. All in all it was a really good conversation and both parties were glad that we had met each other.

I was blown away how God led us to this man and I realized that we just need to be obedient to experience miracles. If I would have not told my friend about the yellow baseball cap and if we would not have decided to go back to the lit up place, we would not have recognized that God was speaking to us. I am still learning how to hear His voice, but I don’t wanna miss a chance, and alwaysbe willing to go, even if I’m not sure if it’s His voice or not.

– Michelle Leimgruber