A phrase/verse I have heard often but never put too much thought into.

Until now.

What if whenever someone asked you to do something, you were ready and prepared to do it?

Imagine if you worked for a cleaning company that went around and vacuumed houses. You are always prepared to work during the hours that you’re scheduled to work.

But what if you were off hours and you happened to have a vacuum on you. You pass a house with huge windows and manage to catch a glimpse of the carpet on the inside.

It’s filthy and waiting to be cleaned. And it just so happens you are prepared! You have the opportunity to go in and rid the carpet of the filth that it carries. Despite the fact that you are not on working hours, you still go and do it.

You were ready in season and out.

Am I saying you should carry a vacuum at all times and go around peeking through people’s windows?

No. That’s a little creepy. Please do not do that.

What I’m trying to say is this…

What if you prepared yourself so that whenever God puts a task before you, you were ready?

I can only imagine being that in tune with the Lord. Even if my world is falling apart and I am in the worst mood, I will still go out and do that what He has called me to.

For me, I know that evangelism is something I am called to do.

Yet, most of the time I do not want to do it.

That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.

Instead, I should prepare myself by spending time in His Word and in prayer with Him. If I take the time to ready myself, then when the time comes I will be able to do that which He has called me to, even when it’s not “evangelism time”.

What is something that the Lord has been placing on your heart to do?

Are you doing the proper things to prepare yourself to be ready in season and out of season?

Abby Ellens
Operations Staff