So much has happened I don’t even know where to begin. The first couple of weeks I felt like God was showing me that I was made FOR him, not just like “Oh ya I was made for you God” but like I’m actually here on this earth to do something FOR him. I also learned so much about how God sees me. I used to give in to all these lies the enemy told me like, you’re not brave enough or talented enough or this and that. I’ve realized that’s all they are, just lies; and that in God’s presence all these lies are exposed! I’ve seen that on the other side of all our fears are treasures and usually the very thing that God is calling us to do! If you think about it, why would the devil try and scare you off from something unless it was going be something amazing for you and maybe even the very thing God created you to do. Go towards your “scarecrows” because truly amazing things are waiting for you in the fields behind them. Another thing God has really been emphasizing in my life is that we have resurrection power through him. But not only resurrection power to raise people from the dead but to raise people from their depression, from their addiction, from their brokenness back to life. I feel like God has been saying “I have given you the power to walk out of these things, you don’t have to suffer in them anymore.” After all isn’t that one of the reasons Christ died for us, so we didn’t have to suffer from these things? God also has showed me he isn’t looking for perfect people or perfectly talented people to use for his glory he is just looking for obedient people. I’ve always thought that I wasn’t talented enough or good enough and I feel like God has just showed me that it’s not about that and that he wants to use me in the arts and entertainment industry for HIS glory! Throughout my time here I’ve felt the presence of God like I never have before. I’ve learned that I am not who I say I am but I am who God says I am! I’ve realized God is always speaking to us and am learning how to recognize his voice. I feel like God is taking the quiet, scared to speak out, timid girl I have labeled myself to be and making me bold and courageous! I am so excited to see how much he changes me over these next couple of months and to become exactly who God has made me to be!

-Ashley Wellman